2 Days Divine Angels Spiritual Certified Workshop

2 Days Paid Practical Workshop


Angel Cards are the same basic idea but exist for one specific purpose: consulting with angels and archangels. They are a tool used to open your mind and soul to the energy and guidance of angelic beings. We will look at the specifics of using angel cards and the angel cards meanings in a moment. The basic idea is that you flip cards randomly (or what would seem to be random) and they allow some insight into yourself through divine communication with angels. The interesting thing about the angel cards meanings is that you can't select incorrectly. Any card you turn over serves to provide an insight of some form or another.


Angel Card reading isn't like playing a game of poker. There are physical and spiritual preparations that need to be done prior to starting. You may already know this but everything in this universe has a vibrational energy. Plants do, we do, animals do, angels do, and even the Earth does. When using angel cards, your goal is to try and communicate with angels and as such, the easiest way to do this is to increase your vibrational energy. Ideally, you would want to spend the day eating organic, naturally grown, high-energy foods. Try to avoid alcohol, processed foods or anything high in sugar.

You also want to make sure your room is prepared. If you have some high energy colors such as red or blue then use these in the room. Lighting some candles or using some incense can also help to clear the air of any negative energy. Some people make use of crystal balls during this process. Not for using within the reading itself but for providing the room and those in it with a certain quality of energy. Some people also choose to wear crystals or religious symbols to make the angelic connection even clearer.

Final Preparations

Finally, you want to make sure there are going to be no distractions. View this session as a form of meditation. You need to be able to completely relax your body, mind and soul alike. If complete silence just isn't possible then you could make use of some headphones. Playing music is perfectly acceptable; just make sure it isn't something distracting. Classical would be the preferred choice. Saying that, there are sounds much better suited to this process: something like bells, chimes, waves crashing on a beach, the sound of a storm or even white noise.

The Cards

People have different sorts of cards and different methods for interpreting the angel cards meanings. Nowadays, some people make use of technology. You get apps on your phone or tablet that not only provides the cards but also the angel oracle card meanings. Similarly, there are websites that you can use to do the same thing. While this is completely acceptable, there are definitely flaws. Firstly, technology is more of a distraction during a reading. Secondly, you can't make use of the card's energies. Having a physical set of cards is always the better option. That being said, sometimes you just have to make the best of your situation.