About Founders/President

About Dr. Jay Bhavsar

Founder Of Spiritual Awareness

Dr. Jai Bhavsar has been revising the Spiritual Power theme for last 9 years. He was born in a modern Jain family. At the age of 16, He acquired knowledge from many courses, such as Raiki, Meditation, Mind Power, Sukhsma Samadhi, Dynamic Memory, Awakening Divinity, Personality Development, Lama Fera From Buddha's Monks & foreign and advanced guru.

As his instrument and his discovery on this topic increased, after finding the truth of the world, the answer to every question was met by Day by Day. Today, he has become the youngest Spiritual Trainer in Ahmedabad in Gujarat-India.

You can ask them questions related to spiritual things. Today, people are learning how to live correctly in different cities through their Reiki, Tarot Cards, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Divine Power, Spiritual Healing, through many such workshops. They have built many workshops and have successfully managed to make a positive change in the life of more than 78,000 people.

In 2011, he also achieved Engineering in I.T Professional Degree.

After studying, a mission has been created that more and more people go to know the truth of this world and live their lives properly. While living in this material world from his workshop, he has become a mission to teach how to balance the spiritual world in your life & What is your Actual Goal Of Life, and today he has joined thousands of people in that true miracle with them in a great extent.

All these workshops have been designed by Dr. Jay in the finest modern new ways that it will be easy for you to do all this and you will not be afraid to fill your life with joy and happiness.
Dr. Jay always says and he is right that if you are a fool, then you will be able to keep others secret.
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About Mrs Arti Jay Bhavsar

Founder Of Spiritual Awareness

Mrs Arti Jay Bhavsar given life-changing results to the people. The knowledge, which he imparts, is a combination of Indian & Western Philosophy. She is an Expert In Vedic Astrology for every age group, from Businessmen to Students.

She From Very Amazing Spiritual Place HARIDWAR In INDIA. She's Born In Brahman Spiritual Family. Belongs Special Power From She's Grand Mothers.

Meditation, Yoga, Public Speaking, Counseling, Success, Psychological Therapy & Spiritual Teachings became his second nature due to early beginning. From the very young age of 12 She Started Consulting In Astrology, Lal Kitab, Meditation, Yoga, Ultimate Meditation, Breathing Process, Tarot Card Reading.

For the purpose to bring positive change in the lives of people, She's Consult more than 1700+ Peoples across India. She Is Self made Spiritual Person. Real True Guideline Like Any Problems in Our India Culture.

His programs are not only confined to Ahmedabad or Gujarat, Spiritual Awareness Today conducts its programs in various leading cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Nagpur, Raipur, Nashik, etc. and is also expanding it to other cities of India. Today it is the Best Highest Ranking Spiritual Training Institute in the country.

She's attitude of contribution helps thousands & thousands through Lot's Of days of FREE training programs in a year.

Arti's Spiritual Guidelines Are Totally one of the most admired & result oriented in whole of India. Having the roots deep into Spiritual Path & thereafter choosing it as a profession, finally the foundation Start SPIRITUAL AWARENESS Jay & Arti Started institution to train people in practical aspects of life.

She has been impressing & motivating people's Learned Lots Of Spiritual & Buddhism Lama's highlights his substantial contribution to the society at large.

She's followed in more than 1700+ People's Best Healing & Astrological Consulting .

She is high energy & heart touching presentation style keeps his audience spellbound and overwhelmed.

She's firmly believes 'Talk is Cheap' and his unique ability is getting people to take 'actions' in real life to produce real results.